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1) All text should be a minimum of 3/16" tall to look OK and ¼" to look great! You also want the width of the stitch to be a minimum of 1/16" wide.

2) Outlined text should be a minimum of ½" tall

3) Large areas of fill should be avoided on light weight garments

4) Shadows and blending are difficult to reproduce with embroidery but can be done very well in larger areas of fill. Degrees of shading will be determined by the overall design size.

5) Vector based EPS files are the best and safest way to provide artwork to your embroidery company but you can also supply almost any file format we can open. The larger and cleaner the file, the better the quality of the final result. Make sure ALL text is converted to outlines or ...

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Bring it on! RTIC Stainless 30oz. tumblers with your logo laser etched only $35.00! First time logo setup might apply. Call for details. 3-5 business day production!

Come and get em'! 30oz. tumblers, powder coated in red, maroon, purple, black, royal blue and orange with your logo only $30.00! First time logo setup might apply. Call for more details! Production time is about 5-7 business days or less.

When offering screen printed goods to customers, sometimes they don't realize all the work that goes into producing this kind of work. The process starts with the client's artwork or design idea, then traverses into the production schedule which includes numerous steps before becoming a finished product that is delivered to the customer.

Once a design or layout is agreed on, that image has to be converted to color separations, better known as printing plates. Each color in the design requires its' own plate or "screen" as it is more commonly known in our trade. So for a red, green and blue image to be screen printed, there will be 3 screens for that job. In the video below from one of the largest manufacturers of automatic textile presse...

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Understanding the difference between artwork and digitizing for embroidery? Read our blog.

Many people are easily confused about embroidery digitizing files. Rarely do we find that new customers can provide us with a digitized embroidery machine file. They mistakenly think that a graphic art file of their logo or design is the same thing. Graphic art files are most commonly provided in formats like JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, CDR, AI or PSD. These are all files that were created on desktop graphic design software platforms like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator or any of the Corel products like CorelDraw or PhotoPaint.

Unlike desktop graphic design software, digitizing software for embroidery works much differently and requires a much different skill set to produce these designs. The software used t...

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